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    York at Christmas – 2022

    If you are visiting York at Christmas 2022 then this guide will help you plan a magical, memorable Christmas trip. Christmas in York is back with a bang. From Christmas markets, sightseeing to pantomimes in York there is something for…

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    How to visit York on a budget

    If you are wondering whether it is possible to visit York on a budget, then the answer is yes.  York, like any European city, is not a ‘cheap’ destination but it is a budget friendly city to visit. My money…

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    Public toilets in York

    There are several public toilets in York that visitors can use whilst exploring the city. Toilets in York are mostly in the city centre and, as it is quick and easy getting around York, you will never be far away…

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    Hotels near York train station

    York is a fantastic city to visit by train so many visitors want to stay in hotels near York train station. York rail station is a short ten minute walk from York city centre so even if you stay near…

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    Visiting York by train

    Visiting York by train couldn’t be easier. We have visited many cities where you arrive by train and then endure a long walk or an expensive taxi ride into the city centre. Not in York! Travelling to York by train…

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    York Minster with kids

    Visiting York Minster with kids may not be top of your list of family friendly attractions in York. But it should be. York Minster works hard to attract families and you will be pleasantly surprised how much your kids will…

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    Getting around York

    Getting around York is easy as it is not like other U.K cites. York is a small, compact city which is easy and quick to navigate on foot. There are short distances between all the major attractions so you will…

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    Park and Ride York

    Park and Ride York is an established system of bus routes that provide quick, easy and cost effective travel to and from York city centre. The scheme aims to reduce city centre traffic, congestion and pollution and has proved highly…